After spending the previous four years as a coach for the team, Nick “Inero” Smith, the North American League of Legends head coach, has now been named the new general manager of the Golden Guardians.

Following yet another lackluster season in the LCS, Golden Guardians fired its former general manager, Danan Flanders, in August. Ji Eun, a former club operations expert who has been elevated to assistant general manager, will help Inero. Who will assume the coaching duties that have belonged to Inero for the last four years are as of yet unknown.

Inero posted on Twitter, “[I’m] pleased to be moving onto new things.” “In the future, [I] will provide additional information discussing plans for 2023 and beyond. I appreciate everyone’s support throughout the years while I was coaching.

Since Inero has been in charge of Golden Guardians’ coaching since August 2018, the team’s finest LCS performances have included top-six finishes in the playoffs for the 2022 Spring Split, 2020 Summer Split, 2020 Spring Split, and 2019 Spring Split.

The company feels that before deciding on a roster for the 2023 season, a staff reorganization was necessary. After parting ways with Danan, Golden Guardians stated, “We think a change at GM was necessary to discover the success we are striving for next year and beyond.”

Top laner Eric “Licorice” Ritchie and jungler Kim “River” Dong-woo most recently led the League lineup of the Golden Guardians.