Azael, an LCS broadcaster, expressed his concerns about the decision to transfer LCS games from the previous weekend schedule to Thursdays and Fridays on Twitter after Riot Games made the announcement.

Azael wrote, “It’s a change I expressed a lot of concerns about internally.”

He acknowledged his concern for the league’s and his professional future as an LCS commentator and termed the development as frightening. He also raised concerns about the information Riot disclosed in an earlier today esports broadcast update.

He questioned, “How will this relate to our audience? There is statistics indicating as many or even more people in certain situations are watching Twitch on weekdays.

Other concerns include how the typical Twitch viewer compares to the usual LCS viewer and whether or not those same Twitch viewers are interested in esports material in contrast to the other media they generally watch.

Azael understands it will take some time before the effects of these changes are completely understood because there are still so many crucial questions that need to be resolved. He then changed the tone of his statement to one that was more encouraging and listed the advancements the broadcast crew had achieved over the course of the 2022 season. He made a point of highlighting a greater focus on the players in the broadcasts, interviews, and general material.

As he closes the discussion, he expresses his belief that the LCS may be more competitive than ever before and offers a personal message to any frightened League fans.

Fans of the LCS complained in great numbers in the comments section of Azael’s thread on Twitter about how the new schedule will probably prohibit them from watching.

Streamer and game designer Brian Kibler also shared his displeasure with the LCS schedule change, which earned a like from Azael.

Even the LCS G.O.A.T. himself, Doublelift, voiced confusion over the new schedule and start times.

While there’s undeniable logic, data, and reasons behind the changes, it’s clear not everybody within the League esports scene is totally convinced the gamble will pay off.