Acend officially ended its relationship with starxo today after working with him for almost two years. The last player on the Acend team to win VALORANT Champions 2021, the inaugural FPS world championship from Riot Games, was Starxo.

Along with BONECOLD, cNed, Kiles, koldamenta, and head coach Laurynas “Nbs” Kisielius, Starxo joined Acend in March 2021. The European organization decided the team that will defeat Gambit to win VALORANT Champions in December 2021 by replacing koldamenta with zeek in June 2021.

But in 2022, Starxo and the rest of the team never showed the same form. The project was abandoned because Acend was unable to win one of the 10 seats in the EMEA partnership league in 2023. Starxo then withdrew from the roster on September 21 and has been seeking new employment since then.

Starxo remarked, “I couldn’t have asked for more from Acend and all the lads in my first two years as a professional player; all of the support and memories will stay with me till the rest of my life for sure. “We established a heck of a history, and I’m incredibly happy for this chance. It’s time to proceed.

Whether starxo has found a new VALORANT squad to play for in 2023 is presently unknown. Given that starxo won one of the most significant tournaments in Riot’s FPS competitive scene, it’s probable that he had at least preliminary discussions with companies that developed the franchising scheme. The only team in the EMEA league still lacking a player for 2023 is KOI.