You are regrettably out of luck if your holiday plans included donning a Sony virtual reality headset. Sony said on Instagram on Monday that the next edition of the console-based VR system won’t be available until “early 2023,” over six years after its predecessor launched in 2016.

The upgraded headgear and redesigned controllers were among the new hardware that the business initially unveiled back in February. The PS VR2 will apparently have softer, more forgiving ergonomics, as well as live streaming capabilities and Cinematic Mode, in order to better blend in with the PS5’s smoother design aesthetics.

The new configuration, which is identical to what Meta provides on the Quest Guardian, will operate at 4000 x 2040 resolution (that is, 2000 x 2040 each eye) at 90/120hz. It will also contain a “see-through mode” safety function to prevent errant gamers from venturing too far into the virtual field. The cost has not yet been disclosed.