According to a recent research, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X surpassed the Nintendo Switch and PS5 to become one of the top products on Black Friday.

According to a recent survey, the Xbox Series X console from Microsoft was among the best-selling goods on Black Friday. This serves as a reminder of the continuous popularity of console gaming as it is included with other in-demand tech products. This appears to be a continuation of a recent trend of Xbox dominance; earlier this year, reports suggested that Microsoft’s ninth-gen console was outselling the PlayStation 5 in Japan. This was a marked turnabout from the incredible sales performance of the PlayStation 4 relative to the Xbox One at the beginning of the eighth generation.

It’s unclear exactly what Microsoft’s recent sales success may be due to. The upcoming Christmas season appears to be the primary driver behind the unexpected increase in Xbox Series X sales, since the device is still too new and in demand to get any significant discounts or unusual promotions. The recent release of Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which seems to have rekindled interest in the franchise after the fairly slow-selling Call of Duty: Vanguard, may possibly have something to do with it.

In a study from Adobe, the Xbox Series X was included with four other allegedly “hot goods,” one of which being the most recent Call of Duty game. Along with Bluey, products from a well-liked children’s television series, drones and Apple Macbooks also appeared on the list. It’s interesting that none of the other game consoles, including the well-known Nintendo Switch, made the cut. In fact, this seems to be a repeat of sales reports from Black Friday last year, which suggested that the Xbox Series X had a similarly strong sales performance.

Additionally, there is reason to believe that Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service may have contributed to the recent increase in Xbox Series X sales. Sony recently acknowledged this fact in a response to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, which noted that Xbox Game Pass continues to outperform its rival service. Xbox Game Pass is undoubtedly a good way for new gamers to get started playing, so it’s possible that new console owners are eager to take advantage of the offer.

Although there have been rumors that the PlayStation 5 may be more readily available over the Christmas season, the system does, on the whole, still seem to be difficult to get a hold of in most places, which may possibly contribute to this Xbox sales rise. Although neither of the two systems is very numerous, it’s possible that brand loyalty breaks down if supply problems arise, and some customers are choosing to transfer to an Xbox instead of a PS5 held captive by scalpers.