Alejandro Gomis of reported that T1 mid laner Faker is looking to offers from many LCS clubs.

According to the Gomis source, Team Liquid and FlyQuest both expressed interest in signing Faker, and Liquid actually made the three-time world champion an offer. Faker has gotten offers from leagues outside of Korea, but according to the source, “there’s a significant probability” that he will stay with T1.

In traditional sports, it is typical for players to investigate the free agent market before deciding to sign a contract extension with their present organization. Players like Faker can receive offers from other prestigious teams while testing the waters, and then use those offers as negotiating leverage when dealing with T1.

The only starting player on T1 whose contract expires before the conclusion of the 2023 season is Faker. This is because the majority of this year’s Worlds runners-up want to return in 2023. According to the League worldwide contract database, Faker will become a free agent tomorrow, Nov. 21, while the other four players of the team’s starting lineup remain under contract till the conclusion of the current campaign.

Faker won’t be under an active contract when that free agency period starts, giving him the freedom to sign with whatever team he chooses.

If Faker decides to go somewhere else, his ownership share in T1 would be the only constraint imposed on him. Faker’s three-season contract with T1 in 2020 also includes a share of the team’s ownership. Former TSM mid laner Bjergsen, who was required to sell his stock in that organization when he joined Team Liquid last year, received a comparable deal.

Tomorrow, November 21, scores of other players across the League’s international competitive scene will also have contracts with T1 expire.