Fortnite has developed over the past five years into a unique advertising platform. The video game developer Epic Games is renowned for working with popular entertainment brands, sports teams, and musical acts to add a variety of characters and other cosmetics. Players could soon see the characters in Fortnite when The Last of Us Part 1 remake releases early in September.

The XboxEra podcast’s Nick Baker has announced that The Last of Us and Fortnite will collaborate once again. He stated, “in the interest of Last of Us leaks, I got told that there’s going to be a Last of Us Fortnite collab,” during the podcast’s most recent live stream. The two characters that will be added as a result of the collaboration, according to Baker, will be Joe and Ellie.

Before breaking the news, Baker said that he had checked it with a few different sources, and they had all assured him that it was true. He also said he wasn’t sure if it would be to honor the just finished season of the program or the future remake. This is crucial since it may significantly alter when it is released.

Players will probably see the skins in the game in early September, close to the time the game launches, if the cosmetics are designed to commemorate the new game. If it’s intended to honor the program, the likely release date would be somewhere around 2023.

Since Epic hasn’t made any formal statements, all of this is still just conjecture. Having said that, it makes sense that Epic would want to include such well-known characters in their game.