Oscar “mixwell” Caellas Colocho, a former G2 Esports competitor, allegedly has a deal with Team Heretics.

The Spanish VALORANT athlete, according to a report from Alejandro Gomis, has been assigned to one of the 10 franchised EMEA teams. After being contacted by several overseas teams, mixwell reportedly negotiated a verbal deal with the team. After leaving Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Mixwell rapidly became well-known in VALORANT and a prominent European player on G2 Esports.

Mixwell led his team to two international LAN competitions when he was with G2 Esports. In 2021, G2 Esports finished in the top four at Masters: Berlin, and in the top six at Masters: Reykjavik. Although mixwell has played a variety of agents, his most well-known role as Jett has earned him an overall KD of 1.28.

Unlike G2 Esports, Team Heretics was one of the ten teams selected for Riot Games’ VALORANT collaboration league in 2023. However, the group is still taking part in competitions and has not released any of its present members. As the offseason goes on, it’s uncertain which player or players will be cut from the squad. Mixwell may cross paths again with his former teammate Cista “keloqz” Wassim, who left G2 Esports in February. Later, Keloqz joined Team Heretics and has played for them since since.

However, as keloqz and mixwell both play the same role, they shared time with G2 Esports until keloqz was ultimately fired.