The Blockception team at Mojang Studios has now released Soccer Celebration as a piece of downloadable content (DLC) for the popular game Minecraft. The period of the publication coincides with the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 for football. Tie your pixelated shoelaces, extend your blocky legs, and get ready for 90 minutes of elegant footwork. Whether you’re a lover of football or soccer, you’re going to see an incredible mashup of the two sports inspired by Minecraft.

Minecraft is a seasoned veteran when it comes to themed DLCs for its community, frequently reflecting elements of pop culture and extending to real-world events as well as a range of other happenings. A few months ago, Microsoft and BBC Earth worked together to incorporate in-game material relevant to the nature program Frozen Planet II.

Experience exciting in-game content with the Soccer Celebration DLC in Minecraft

Players that get the DLC will have access to some exciting in-game content. Soccer Celebration offers an exciting transition from amateur to full-time professional in order to help you achieve your ambition of playing in a championship game. Take part in challenging training activities to develop your skills on the road to greatness.

Work on your shots, dribbling, passing, tackling, and control until you’re ready to join the team of your dreams. If players are successful, they will be able to freely explore, customize, and leave their mark on the field where their team competes.

This update will include a special Enderman Kit from the character builder mode in addition to 32 skins associated with sports. The price of the Soccer Celebration DLC is 1340 coins, which is the standard unit of cash in Minecraft. The most recent version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and access to the Minecraft Marketplace are requirements for players.