The Metaverse is not only a place for entertainment or shopping, but now a couple has decided to get married in the artificial world by the groom Traci, the bride Dave Gagnon and even According to The New York Times, there are already a lot of entrants.

Due to the spread of Kovid 19 disease, technology has played an important role, especially for various celebrations, such as online meetings such as Zoom Meeting, Live Stream and so on. Also, the bride and groom are getting older, with Dave Gagnon, 60, and Traci, 52.

Prior to the marriage, their avatar had been dating since 2015 at an event in Las Vegas. He then announced his engagement in 2019 through Verbela by Gagnon, costing about $ 30,000.

For this wedding, he also collaborated with Virbela, sending pictures as well as his wedding arrangements to put in the Metaverse, in addition to the cost for each ceremony in the Metaverse is from 10,000. $ Up depending on the decoration.

Virbela is a company that provides services to organize various events in the artificial world, or can be called (Virtual World). And finally, the couple also expressed their happiness that it was a better experience than following the Zoom Meeting.